The Brazilian Aeroplane's "TELEPATIA" album has 13 songs, each of them has a different shade of Brazilian music style.

More videos are under development and our band dream to make them in each country where our album will be released, that will work together with the sponsors and joining partners as we evolve the project.

Today, European youngsters are massively listening to Brazilian music as a brand new music style. For this video we wanted to create the original 1950's atmosphere in which the bossa nova became known, also with elements of its precursor: the Velha Guarda. The video has been made in a flower shop, it has also the flavors and colors of coffee, sugar and the spices that ornate a Brazilian market.

The coming videos will have also thematic interpretations of modern and actual stories.

In this video J.Karjalainen is present with the music, you can also meet the painter of our album cover, Kaj Stenvall: he is the actor... putting the place in order in the end of the song.

We thank the Finnish operator ELISA COMMUNICATIONS for the quality online streaming.

For viewing the video now just click on the picture, enjoy: